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The entrance becomes like a small park

Work on the new entrance area of the carl-von linde secondary school is progressing rapidly and is now also taking shape. During a visit to the construction site, district administrator klaus peter sollner together with secondary school principal monika hild and district master builder andreas schulein took a look at the construction site.

Since the start of construction in july of this year, a lot has happened at the carl von linde secondary school, because the entire entrance area, which was previously completely covered with gray concrete pavers, has been completely redesigned. Paths are laid with rough concrete paving in ocher and paved with granite. The high difference of more than six meters was previously divided with rough flat steps and retaining walls. "In the future, the school can be barrier-free, i.E. Without stairs, or. Thresholds are being tapped", explained district builder andreas schulein. read more

Railroads must retrofit 1900 stations

Until now, there have often been no electronic information boards or loudspeakers at small train stations with fewer than 300 passengers boarding and alighting each day. A railroad spokesman was unable to say on tuesday exactly which stops are affected. The passenger association pro bahn considers the verdict appropriate.

Newspapers of the WAZ media group had reported on the ruling that the federal railway authority, as the state supervisory authority, had won against deutsche bahn.

According to the report, the railroad is obliged to "actively" inform all waiting passengers at stations and even at small stations about train cancellations and delays. It is not enough for posters to point out the numbers of information telephones. So far, however, there have been no complaints about these posters, said the railroad spokesman. The passenger association pro bahn does not think much of these expensive information telephone numbers. It was not acceptable that passengers also had to pay for information, said alexander drewes of the pro-bahn federal executive board. read more

Too many fish in bamberg's fish passport

Landscape planner michael hubner shakes his head in disbelief. "We were all thrilled – and now this." The fischpass, a wonderfully natural habitat on the former erbageland, has a problem that no one had anticipated. It is bursting at the seams.

"There are now so many fish living here that the water is threatening to tip over", reports manfred popp. The fishing expert of the government of upper franconia speaks of a lack of oxygen in the water and weighs his head alarmingly.
"The food base in this okosystem was just too good. Fast action is needed now." In agreement with the educational institute for fishery in aufseb and the responsible persons of the state garden show society there will therefore be a rough fishing on palm sunday. read more

Baerbock demands stop of all rustic exports to turkey

The federal government and other nato member states could not remain silent on the turkish offensive against the kurdish city for long, baebock declared on saturday. It also called on the federal government to convene a special meeting of NATO ambassadors.

"The establishment of a siege ring and the bombardment of hospitals are illegal under international law. We must also react to the announcements made by the turkish president (recep tayyip) erdogan that he intends to bring afrin and other kurdish-controlled parts of syrian territory under turkish control," said baerbock. "A war crime remains a war crime and a breach of international law remains a breach of international law even if it involves a nato member state." read more

Wilkinson loses again in razor dispute

Bad news for millions of men: the dusseldorf higher regional court has preliminarily banned razor manufacturer wilkinson from selling in germany low-priced replacement blades for its rival gillette’s widely used "mach3" wet razor.

The court ruled on thursday that the imitation blades infringe a gillette patent on the typical connection between the handle and the blade unit of the razor.

If you like wet shaving, you know the problem: the razor is cheap, but the replacement blades are really expensive. Many owners of gillette’s wet razor model were all the more delighted last spring when matching replacement blades suddenly appeared in many drugstores at around 30 percent less than the original. read more

The hiding place of the nattern tongue

"An absolute rarity and an absolute stroke of luck to find this species once in a lifetime. The species makes the natural monument wetland at bieberbach something very special!" This is what alexander ulmer wrote to his colleagues in may 2016. What so excited the managing director at the landesbund fur vogelschutz (LBV) in coburg was a small fern: the nattern’s tongue.

Botanists had been searching for a long time for the plant, which was last confirmed as a find in the 1980s. Alexander ulmer was all the more pleased that the nattern’s tongue was discovered in the area with a considerable number of specimens. read more

Bad kissingen gastronomy: new at the saline, hope for ratskeller

Two newcomers from unterebersbach are needed so that the salinenblick can once again offer gastronomic delights for excursionists, walkers and steamship guests after many years. Jasmin tempelhof is a trained nurse and works in occupancy management at the rhon hospital in bad neustadt, and her husband jan is a full-time offset printer. They have renovated and now opened the kiosk in the excursion area of the former excursion restaurant. "My husband and I have always wanted to run our own business, ideally a cafe, says the 36-year-old. read more

Barca wins without fans - dispute after unrest over referendum

Overshadowed by the unrest surrounding the controversial referendum in catalonia and a dispute over the scheduling of the game, FC barcelona continued its winning streak in the spanish league.

The catalans won 3-0 (0-0) in front of an empty crowd against UD las palmas and celebrated their seventh win in seven league games. The match took place without spectators after barca tried unsuccessfully to postpone the game due to the unrest and police violence surrounding the independence referendum.

"By playing in front of empty stands, the club is showing that we don’t agree with the game not being postponed," club president josep maria bartomeu said. The "whole world" should know "how we suffer here in catalonia," he said. The league had threatened the club with the deduction of six points, the game had not taken place for safety reasons without spectators. read more

This year, florian lochner from kirchehrenbach wants to tackle a rough project. Together with his parents, he wants to open the "nahkauf lochner" store restructure. The market belongs to his mother maria lochner, he is to take over this later. At the moment he is responsible for the "schnapsstodl and for the online store of spirits. Florian lochner says that there have been major sales losses since the opening of the supermarket in neighboring weilersbach. And they want to make up for it this year. For this the "nahkauf lochner" needs a niche, a unique selling proposition. Florian lochner plans to include more regional products, but without becoming a farm store: "it should be a mixture, because people are becoming more aware of what they buy. But sometimes they also need a maggi fix." read more