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The shove costs the pensioner 1250 euros

The shove costs the pensioner 1250 euros

The habfurt district court sentenced the 70-year-old man to a fine of 1250 euros for bodily harm. The verdict is not yet legally binding.
The crime occurred on 4. June of last year at 21.30 o'clock in the eastern district habberge. The defendant allegedly ran from a house onto the street and pushed a boy, who was 15 years old at the time of the crime, off his moped. The teenager fell to the ground, bruising his knee and arm.

A defensive reaction

The defendant stated that he wanted to check whether the doors of the car were closed, as he did every evening. He said he was standing next to the car and heard the moped, which he thought was too loud. Having worked with cars in the past, he was sure that "something had been done to the exhaust". He saw the boy approaching on the moped; then the boy braked a few meters in front of the car, and he himself tried to fend off the moped driver out of fear for his own safety. "He drove slowly at first, then the full braking and I pushed him away from me", described the pensioner. "He had caught me", he said. "The boy did not complain of pain and picked up the moped", according to the pensioner.

Suspicion of theft

The 16-year-old said that he wanted to go for a ride that evening. When he drove through the street, he saw the man for the first time, as he quickly ran out of the house. "I thought he wanted to cross the road and that's why he wanted to brake", he said.
According to the young man, who testified as a witness, the pensioner was standing in front of the car. "He pushed me on the shoulder, and then I fell to the left on the side", described the victim further. The 16-year-old thought, as he said, the man wanted to steal his moped. The boy then pushed the bike to a friend who lived next door and called his mother from there. In the meantime, the defendant had contacted the police, told them the young man's name and that he was driving too loudly through the neighborhood.


A check showed that the moped was in compliance with the regulations. This was confirmed by the police and an examination at the tuv.
Judge roland wiltschka sentenced the pensioner for interference with traffic and bodily injury to a fine of 50 daily rates of 25 euros each. The judge is convinced that the accused pushed the boy off the moped. The pensioner had probably "mabregeln" the "young" want, said wiltschka.

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