Bad kissingen gastronomy: new at the saline, hope for ratskeller – Latest news

Bad kissingen gastronomy: new at the saline, hope for ratskeller

Bad kissingen gastronomy: new at the saline, hope for ratskeller

Two newcomers from unterebersbach are needed so that the salinenblick can once again offer gastronomic delights for excursionists, walkers and steamship guests after many years. Jasmin tempelhof is a trained nurse and works in occupancy management at the rhon hospital in bad neustadt, and her husband jan is a full-time offset printer. They have renovated and now opened the kiosk in the excursion area of the former excursion restaurant. "My husband and I have always wanted to run our own business, ideally a cafe, says the 36-year-old.

The salinenblick itself was only opened in the spring as a seminar and health center "sensory time" put back into operation. The tempelhofs have appropriately named the kiosk "gartencafe auszeit" christened. You want to run it part-time as a seasonal business. In order to balance their regular work, family life and gastronomy, they will open the cafe from thursday to sunday, on holidays and by arrangement for events and groups from july onwards.

Fruit from the local garden

"Our offer should be regional", says jasmin tempelhof. From ramsthal wine to bildhauser coffee. They make the syrup for lemonade from fruits from their home garden, and they also bake cakes and pies themselves. "We have added a kitchen in our home", says she. It has been approved by the authorities. During the week, tempelhof and two employees – two grannies from the neighborhood – prepare everything necessary for the weekend. "We try to have a changing offer every week", says the operator.

Helmut fischer, operator of the saaledampferle, is pleased that boat passengers once again have a port of call at the saltworks. Already good if the mini golf course was reactivated, but: "the kiosk is a good start. We hope it will stand", he says. Saline view and saaleschifffahrt were profiting from each other.

Wehner gives up bratwurstglockle

There is also news about gastronomy in the city center. At the moment, for example, the bratwurstglockle in the grabengasse is being renovated. Tenant olaf wehner hands over the restaurant after five years at the end of the month. He wants to reorient himself professionally. However, the guests do not need to fear a vacancy. "It is important that it continues seamlessly", says wehner.

Christian hippler, who also runs schuberts weinstube in kirchgasse, will also take over the bratwurstglockle in july. First, however, a three-week rebuilding break is necessary to renovate the kitchen. "I think that before the rakoczy-fest (26. Until 28. July, anm. D. Red.) open", says hippler. The gastronomic concept is based on the models in nurnberg and munich. "The name bratwurstglockle will be the program", says the chef. Guests can expect hearty dishes. The restaurant has room for 90 to 100 guests inside, and another 35 seats are available outside. Hippler wants to run the restaurant with his own staff as well as with the employees he is taking over from olaf wehner. In addition to the weinstube (built in 1801), he runs the bratwurstglockle (built in 1770), the second restaurant in historic brickwork. "I like it when the buildings themselves speak for the economy," says hippler, explains hippler.

The city has been looking for new landlords for two prominent vacancies for months now. While there is no success to report for the forest house klaushof, a solution for the ratskeller seems within reach. According to reports, a promising interested party has been found. However, there is no official confirmation from the city hall. But: "we are hopeful that the city council will deal with it", press spokesman thomas hack responds to inquiry. This would mean that the board would decide on the lease allocation. The editor knows the interested party. It concerns a landlord from the district. However, he does not want to make an official announcement yet, but rather waits for the city council’s decision first.

Luitpolds shall open before rakoczy

The casino restaurant also appears to have a good chance of reopening soon. "We are about to sign the contract", says play bank director marina klein. The documents are currently being examined in the state lottery administration in munich. She is optimistic that operations will be up and running for the rakoczy festival.

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