Tens of thousands demonstrate in Israel against Netanyahu – Latest news

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Israel against Netanyahu

Tens of thousands demonstrate in israel against netanyahu

Tens of thousands of israelis demonstrated in tel aviv against head of government netanyahu, accusing him of corruption. The "march of shame" was also directed against new legislation that, according to critics, protects the minister-president against police investigations.

This was reported by the newspaper "haaretz". The draft law, which will be discussed in a second reading on monday, provides, among other things, that the police no longer have to make their recommendations for charges public after investigations.

Netanyahu accused of being involved in two corruption traps. In one of them, he is said to have illegally accepted gifts from a rich businessman. He is also alleged to have attempted to illegally influence media coverage.

He is said to have tried to secure more positive coverage in the government-critical newspaper jediot achronot in a deal with a media mogul. Netanyahu had rejected the suspicions.

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