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The entrance becomes like a small park

The entrance becomes like a small park

Work on the new entrance area of the carl-von linde secondary school is progressing rapidly and is now also taking shape. During a visit to the construction site, district administrator klaus peter sollner together with secondary school principal monika hild and district master builder andreas schulein took a look at the construction site.

Since the start of construction in july of this year, a lot has happened at the carl von linde secondary school, because the entire entrance area, which was previously completely covered with gray concrete pavers, has been completely redesigned. Paths are laid with rough concrete paving in ocher and paved with granite. The high difference of more than six meters was previously divided with rough flat steps and retaining walls. "In the future, the school can be barrier-free, i.E. Without stairs, or. Thresholds are being tapped", explained district builder andreas schulein.

The open spaces at the carl-von-linde realschule were laid out in 1974 when the school was rebuilt. As an expression of the prevailing tree opinion at the time, a flat area of around 1200 square meters was "sealed". With the current work, this flat will be reduced to just under 600 square meters. The remaining area will be renaturalized.

"Our school family is very happy about the reorganization of the entrance area. We thank the county for its support", principal monika hild noted. The existing fountain will be reactivated. A newly created central plaza around the fountain will be the focal point of the new park-like setting with benches when it is completed in the fall.

District administrator klaus peter sollner said: "as a regional government, we always aim to create a meaningful and visually appealing learning environment for the schools in the district in which they can feel comfortable." 

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