Too many fish in bamberg’s fish passport – Latest news

Too many fish in bamberg’s fish passport

Too many fish in bamberg's fish passport

Landscape planner michael hubner shakes his head in disbelief. "We were all thrilled – and now this." The fischpass, a wonderfully natural habitat on the former erbageland, has a problem that no one had anticipated. It is bursting at the seams.

"There are now so many fish living here that the water is threatening to tip over", reports manfred popp. The fishing expert of the government of upper franconia speaks of a lack of oxygen in the water and weighs his head alarmingly.
"The food base in this okosystem was just too good. Fast action is needed now." In agreement with the educational institute for fishery in aufseb and the responsible persons of the state garden show society there will therefore be a rough fishing on palm sunday.

"Catfish, tench, zander, ash – everything is available in abundance and is fished out by us", announced ronny seyfried, operations manager of the fisheries department. Manfred popp’s mouth is already watering, and the burgers can look forward to it too.

Seyfried brings the coarse mobile fish grill of the educational institution. At 13 o’clock it goes off with the abfischen at the erba-fish pass, at 14 o’clock the responsible persons want to serve the first grilled fishes.

What fish lovers were particularly pleased about. On this day, the enjoyment of fish is free of charge. "This is a way of thanking the burgers. All are invited", said bamberg’s mayor andreas starke (SPD). On palm sunday, he, too, does not want to miss this probably unique gourmet attraction. "A grilled pike perch at the beginning of carol week. This will be delicious", said the OB.

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