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This year, florian lochner from kirchehrenbach wants to tackle a rough project. Together with his parents, he wants to open the "nahkauf lochner" store restructure. The market belongs to his mother maria lochner, he is to take over this later. At the moment he is responsible for the "schnapsstodl and for the online store of spirits. Florian lochner says that there have been major sales losses since the opening of the supermarket in neighboring weilersbach. And they want to make up for it this year. For this the "nahkauf lochner" needs a niche, a unique selling proposition. Florian lochner plans to include more regional products, but without becoming a farm store: "it should be a mixture, because people are becoming more aware of what they buy. But sometimes they also need a maggi fix." read more

Without murder it does not work

Typical tessa korber sentences sound like this: "she was about 14 and looked like girls that age look, and wore what girls that age wore". No reason why she should have died."

Like in this dark story about a "kirchweihleiche" (church fair owl) at the annafest in forchheim, tessa korber chooses her narrative tone preferably "funny and hard.

The prolific author made her debut in 1998 with the historical novel "caravan queen". When the city of forchheim awarded tessa korber its cultural prize in 2010, she had already written 30 books. In 2012, she presented an impressive report on life with her autistic son. "I don’t love you, but I would like to be able to". read more