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Bad kissingen gastronomy: new at the saline, hope for ratskeller

Two newcomers from unterebersbach are needed so that the salinenblick can once again offer gastronomic delights for excursionists, walkers and steamship guests after many years. Jasmin tempelhof is a trained nurse and works in occupancy management at the rhon hospital in bad neustadt, and her husband jan is a full-time offset printer. They have renovated and now opened the kiosk in the excursion area of the former excursion restaurant. "My husband and I have always wanted to run our own business, ideally a cafe, says the 36-year-old. read more

Climate crisis hits poor people hardest

It is noisy on multi-lane roads, in air corridors and along railroad lines. The air there is not the best either. The people most affected by noise and exhaust fumes are the residents – according to studies, in areas with multiple pollution, it is mainly people with low incomes.

They are therefore more affected, explains christiane bunge of the federal environment agency. Environmental experts would therefore like to see a stronger public focus on the links between environmental quality, health and social factors. But when people talk about climate protection and justice, it’s usually all about money. read more

German for fear of brexit

Adrian price has lived in germany since 1966, and his wife chris atkinson-price for 22 years. Since last wednesday, the two brits are german statsburger. Uncertainty in connection with the brexit, great britain’s exit from the european union, has prompted them to apply for the einburgerung. At a small ceremony in the district administration office in habfurt, the two hohnhausers and reverend alan stockbridge, an englishman who lives in ebern, received their certificates.

"In all these years, I’ve always felt first and foremost like a european, not specifically like an englishman or a german," says adrian price. He is "not a rude patriot", can also cope in spain, denmark or france. "But this is where I have lived the longest. So far, everything has actually been flawless", says the "neuburger. read more