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Railroads must retrofit 1900 stations

Until now, there have often been no electronic information boards or loudspeakers at small train stations with fewer than 300 passengers boarding and alighting each day. A railroad spokesman was unable to say on tuesday exactly which stops are affected. The passenger association pro bahn considers the verdict appropriate.

Newspapers of the WAZ media group had reported on the ruling that the federal railway authority, as the state supervisory authority, had won against deutsche bahn.

According to the report, the railroad is obliged to "actively" inform all waiting passengers at stations and even at small stations about train cancellations and delays. It is not enough for posters to point out the numbers of information telephones. So far, however, there have been no complaints about these posters, said the railroad spokesman. The passenger association pro bahn does not think much of these expensive information telephone numbers. It was not acceptable that passengers also had to pay for information, said alexander drewes of the pro-bahn federal executive board. read more

Too many fish in bamberg's fish passport

Landscape planner michael hubner shakes his head in disbelief. "We were all thrilled – and now this." The fischpass, a wonderfully natural habitat on the former erbageland, has a problem that no one had anticipated. It is bursting at the seams.

"There are now so many fish living here that the water is threatening to tip over", reports manfred popp. The fishing expert of the government of upper franconia speaks of a lack of oxygen in the water and weighs his head alarmingly.
"The food base in this okosystem was just too good. Fast action is needed now." In agreement with the educational institute for fishery in aufseb and the responsible persons of the state garden show society there will therefore be a rough fishing on palm sunday. read more

Baerbock demands stop of all rustic exports to turkey

The federal government and other nato member states could not remain silent on the turkish offensive against the kurdish city for long, baebock declared on saturday. It also called on the federal government to convene a special meeting of NATO ambassadors.

"The establishment of a siege ring and the bombardment of hospitals are illegal under international law. We must also react to the announcements made by the turkish president (recep tayyip) erdogan that he intends to bring afrin and other kurdish-controlled parts of syrian territory under turkish control," said baerbock. "A war crime remains a war crime and a breach of international law remains a breach of international law even if it involves a nato member state." read more

Wilkinson loses again in razor dispute

Bad news for millions of men: the dusseldorf higher regional court has preliminarily banned razor manufacturer wilkinson from selling in germany low-priced replacement blades for its rival gillette’s widely used "mach3" wet razor.

The court ruled on thursday that the imitation blades infringe a gillette patent on the typical connection between the handle and the blade unit of the razor.

If you like wet shaving, you know the problem: the razor is cheap, but the replacement blades are really expensive. Many owners of gillette’s wet razor model were all the more delighted last spring when matching replacement blades suddenly appeared in many drugstores at around 30 percent less than the original. read more

The hiding place of the nattern tongue

"An absolute rarity and an absolute stroke of luck to find this species once in a lifetime. The species makes the natural monument wetland at bieberbach something very special!" This is what alexander ulmer wrote to his colleagues in may 2016. What so excited the managing director at the landesbund fur vogelschutz (LBV) in coburg was a small fern: the nattern’s tongue.

Botanists had been searching for a long time for the plant, which was last confirmed as a find in the 1980s. Alexander ulmer was all the more pleased that the nattern’s tongue was discovered in the area with a considerable number of specimens. read more

The protection of the open plains is one of the most important climate protection measures to which the bund naturschutz (BN) has committed itself. He made the importance of the topic clear with an action on the market place.

It is necessary to preserve our soils, because they store CO2 and large quantities of water. We could still advertise soft tourism with good conscience at the tourism fairs with several picture book landscapes. BN district chairman anton reinhardt enthused about his homeland: "our region is already. Here we have in many parts still harmoniously embedded in the area villages with small-structured cultural landscape in their surroundings: wayside crosses, wayside shrines, scattered orchards, forests, fields, meadows, hedges and cultural monuments of european rank. Here we still have arable land and forests that store CO2. But franconia is in danger! Our francophone landscape deserves better than more and more uniform concrete blocks at the entrance to towns and faceless settlements on the outskirts." read more

Controversial 'hart aber fair' show back in the media library

The controversial "hart aber fair-consequence "down with the traffic lights" from 2. March 2015 is now available again in the mediathek of the ARD to watch. WDR has now announced this and explained its decision at the same time.

What frank plasberg thinks of gunther jauch, you can see in this myvideo clip

"Removing the broadcast from the mediathek was a decision made by those responsible for the program, which was preceded by a long, self-critical discussion of the broadcast.", said WDR television director jorg schonenborn. He had not foreseen the accusation of censorship or self-censorship. "The fierce reactions show in retrospect that the decision was not right." read more

Backer Hugo Reub turned 90

The crowd of congratulators was large yesterday when master baker hugo reub celebrated his 90th birthday. Celebrated his birthday in eltmann.

Two sons and two daughters as well as seven grandchildren congratulated him. The congratulations of the city of eltmann and the district of habberge were conveyed by mayor michael ziegler.

Hugo reub comes from sand and had a twin brother who died five years ago. He started an apprenticeship as a baker at the jungling bakery in habfurt and passed his journeyman’s exam. He then worked for several years at the schiffer bakery in wurzburg. His career took him to wuppertal, where he found employment with kolping, before returning to wurzburg. Here he took his master baker’s exam. read more

Dozens dead in new fighting in berg-karabakh

Several dozen people have been killed in new fighting in the troubled region of mountain karabakh between the hostile neighbors armenia and azerbaijan.

The number of dead on the armenian side has risen to 58, the defense ministry in yerevan confirmed to the german press agency on monday. According to the report, 42 armenians died on the second day of fighting. The armenian military also spoke of dozens of deaths on the azerbaijani side. There was initially no confirmation from baku.

The decades-old conflict between the two former soviet republics flared up again on sunday. Both sides reported shelling and heavy artillery fire. It is the most serious escalation in years. Impoverished armenia and rich azerbaijan blame each other for new escalation. Martial law now applies in both countries. Russia offered to mediate. Among the victims are civilians. read more

This time, the case before the district court was not about the sexual offenses committed by syrian and iraqi refugees on that friday in september 2017, but about the acts of violence committed by xenophobic germans at the kerwa the next day. Time came to the aid of the 23-year-old defendant from the bamberg district. He was acquitted.

There is a shaky amateur video taken by a kerwa visitor with his smartphone. The picture shows a man throwing a mabkrug at a young syrian man. The bullet hits its target. It takes seconds, and the now 20-year-old syrian lies unconscious on the ground. It’s not the first fab to be hurled at his head that evening. A bottle and a glass have already left bloody marks. read more