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Heike sollner continues

Heike sollner has been the district’s equal opportunities representative since 2005 and does a "great job" in this office, according to district administrator klaus peter sollner. The members of the district committee of the district council also see it that way, and yesterday they appointed the district office employee as equal opportunity commissioner for another three years.
"Last year was the 20th anniversary of the bavarian equal opportunity act, and during this time there have been many positive developments, said heike sollner. In the bavarian administration, the proportion of women in management positions has doubled to 37.4 percent. In our district office, on the other hand, the figure is a meager 14 percent. "We still have room for improvement, the district administrator also said: "we are seriously concerned about equal opportunities." Unfortunately, there is often a lack of suitable female candidates when positions are being filled.
"It is my wish to continue working on the constitutional mandate to demand equal opportunities – not only within the administration, but in all areas of life." There are good conditions in the district in the area of childcare, which supports the compatibility of family and work, according to heike sollner: "we have a need for improvement in the marginal times."
The main challenge for the future, however, will be the issue of care: "the law on the strengthening of care focuses on care at home. And who does that? The women!" It is important to ensure that family work does not lead to too many breaks in women’s employment biographies: "otherwise there is a threat of old-age poverty". read more